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PC Trade In

Just purchased a new PC and have an old PC (working or broken) laying around the
house? Do you have other consumer electronics (digital cameras, ipods, dvd players,
etc.) that are aging or not in use? We are excited to offer this new program to help you
earn cash for your old technology.

How It Works
We come to your house and collect the items you wish to part with.  We inventory, test,
and photograph your items to prepare them for sale.  We sell them on eBay for the
highest possible price and ship the items for you.

Once your item sells, you are eligible to receive cash.  For the sale of multiple items,
cash will be delivered on a biweekly basis.  The system is totally transparent, meaning
you can watch our auctions as they progress and see exactly what your item sells for.  
You will also receive a detailed copy of the sale(s) when you are paid cash.  If your item
doesn't sell within three months, it is returned to you at no charge.

We charge a 30% flat commission on the profit for all items that we sell.  Profit is
defined as final selling price minus eBay Listing Fees, minus eBay Final Value Fees,
and minus PayPal Fees.  The buyer of the product is responsible for paying actual
shipping costs.  

With this price structure we share the goal of maximizing profit with you, and don't use
any common tricks (such as overcharging for shipping) to take excess value from the
items we are selling for you.  As an eBay PowerSeller, we are also saving you 20% on
eBay Final Value Fees!

Start Earning Cash Now!
Please contact us and let us know what items you are interested in selling.  We will
even take broken items if we can repair or disassemble them before sale.  Don't just
throw it away, you will be surprised to see what some of your old junk is worth!
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